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First off I want to say that I believe blockchain and have a little Bitcoin and see it’s potential going forward. I want/need it to do well. Also, these are just my opinions and I can be wrong. In fact, I want to be wrong.
It feels like the main problem for bitcoin adoption is that besides for a handful of widely known businesses, like overstock, there’s not a good place to find where to spend the coins. From what I see when I look it up are mostly bitcoin ATMs. I know there’s a few sites that have a list of stores but it feels very incomplete.
I have a service business in Los Angeles and I’m trying to accept Bitcoin. On yelp, I’ve turned the toggle on for accepting Cryptocurrency and I’m running an add in google promoting that we accept bitcoin. For Yelp, if I search for businesses that accept crypto or bitcoin, my business doesn’t come up. How many other businesses are like this? I’ve tried uploading my business to a few sites but after I submit, I don’t see the business.
There needs to be an app or some way that I find all places that accept. Right now, from my experience as both merchant and consumer, it feels like a mess. I had an Airbitz wallet some time ago and if I remember correctly they had a few places but I’ve yet to see a comprehensive place that lists every place that accepts crypto for goods and services.
The other day, I wanted to buy an entry level Cartier watch for my wife and looked for a place to use Bitcoin. It’s LA. I feel like a jewelry store, bare minimum, would be easy. Searches sent me to just a few big chains outside of LA but didn’t have what I was looking for and it was very clunky. Overstock had it but it was $600 more than going to the store so I didn’t do that.
Someone needs to develop an all encompassing app that will allow me to find where to spend my coins. I’d love to be a thought partner or help finance something like this but would really just settle on an already finished product where I open it when I want to go shopping, get my floors cleaned, or go to a bar, etc.
This “issue” doesn’t seem to me to help bring in new people to crypto. Are most just using Bitcoin to invest because they heard it on the news with no real interest in buying something? Even if that’s so, if there is that all encompassing app I mentioned, they’d be able to spend their gains on goods and services besides paying an atm or broker 5 to 10% for getting their money out.
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Coinoutlet Midvale Overstock. 465. Share; Share; Share; Share; Share; Share; Add to Favorites; Report; Print; Information Map View Street View Video. Listing Type : Two Way (Buy and Sell) Type : CoinOutlet. Location : Buy Bitcoin Midvale. Buy Bitcoin in Midvale using a bitcoin ATM machine. Coinoutlet Midvale Overstock. Related. Get Direction. Map Direction . Features. Adam. More Items (1387 ... Los Angeles tops the list with 145 ATMs and over 850 firms accepting Bitcoin payments. Other cities with a healthy spread include Toronto, New York, and Atlanta. Argentina has expressed a desire to have a gargantuan total of 30,000 located across the nation and US capital Washington DC has recently doubled its ATM availability from 20 to 40 due to public demand. For instance, Hong Kong has 57 bitcoin ATM places, Taiwan has 10 machines, Singapore has eight bitcoin ATMs, Vietnam has six, the Philippines has 4, and Thailand has two. There have been 7,384 bitcoin ATMs initially of April; 435 machines have been added in the course of the month and 69 have been closed down, leaving a internet enhance of 366 ATMs, or a 5% enhance from the earlier month. Bitcoin users in Los Angeles will now be able to exchange digital currency for cash at two bitcoin-to-cash ATMs that opened in Los Angeles in late June. The ATMs, managed by Santa Monica bitcoin payment processor ExpressCoin, are both located in two Locali Conscious Convenience stores. One bitcoin ATM is located in Hollywood at 5825 […] The charges for undertaking a Bitcoin ATM transaction are most of the times percentage-based. This can lead to higher fees as compared to cryptocurrency exchanges. Most Bitcoin ATMs additionally have low day by day transaction restrictions for purchasers and sellers, prohibiting people from dealing in a large volume of Bitcoin to stop the utilization of ATMs in illegal money laundering. While ...

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KTLA Los Angeles talks about Overstock's new Farmers Market platform ... Patrick discusses the Bitcoin customer and his thoughts on the future of Bitcoin with Melissa Francis. Overstock Newsroom ... I found a Bitcoin ATM in East LA. This will be my first time EVER withdrawing fiat from a Bitcoin ATM. I tried to withdraw using Bitcoin Cash first. Recently, Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox had 350 million dollars worth of the virtual currency stolen -- leading to its insolvency. To discuss the future of the cryptocurrency sector, anchor ... Starting Mining Bitcoin Now: Step 1. Become a member $100 Step 2. Invest $500 into the first mining pool Step 3. Start doing referrals and rack up mining profits you will be in the mining pool ... Los Angeles VaultLogic Bitcoin ATM Tour - Duration: 21:18. Mitch Sanders 133 views. 21:18. My First Time Using Bitcoin ATM in California! ... Bitcoin ATM Walkthrough - How To Sell Bitcoin (BTC ...