Mt. Gox: So lief die spektakuläre Pleite der Bitcoin-Börse ...

Why rely on Make your own ticker using MtGox API [PHP template inside!]

I have put together a simple PHP "site" that displays the Mt.Gox prices (low, high, bid, ask, last) and a simple chart from their API. Also, displays your MtGox USD and BTC balances.
Here is a zip of the two files required:
You'll need some sort of website/host with PHP enabled. All you need to do is edit the settings.php file and change the API key and secret definitions. If anyone needs help getting this setup let me know.
Donations accepted: 1NjV3Ft8JT7sndDHBZmuMtm3uBgBvRF1i6
UPDATE: sorry this isnt working right now for some reason. I think gox changed the API access requirements. Im still able to place orders through my version of this tho... standby
UPDATE: Gox API isn't sending data
UPDATE: FIXED... need to use not just
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Malicious Chrome Extension Hijacks CryptoCurrencies and Wallets

If you have installed any of the followings extensions, then you should remove them as soon as possible:
  1. Cryptsy MOON
  4. Cryptsy DOGE
  5. Cryptsy LOT
  6. Coinbase BTC
  7. MTGox BTC
  8. BTC-E BTC
  9. BTC-E LTC
  10. BTC-E PPC
  11. BTC-E NVC
  12. BTC-E NMC
  13. BTC-E FTC
  14. BTC-E XPM
  15. Bitstamp BTC
  16. BTCChina BTC
  17. OKCoin BTC
  18. OKCoin LTC
  21. BitcoinAverage BTC
Link to article:
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TradingView + QuadrigaCX?

I use tradingview a lot when trading on other exchanges, but I noticed that there isn't a listing for a BTCCAD ticker from QuadrigaCX. The only BTCCAD ticker available is historical data from mtgox.
I know that bitcoinwisdom has QuadrigaCX charts, but it's limited in functionality compared to tradingview.
I'm wondering if there are any plans to add QuadrigaCX data to tradingview, or if there's any way to pull the live data, given that the chart on QCX is pretty dismal. It would make sense given that it's the largest Canadian bitcoin exchange.
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There are lots of nice communities on IRC with rooms for discussing various topics and people giving free support for problems

You can access the Freenode IRC channel through your web browser here:
Channels begin with # and you can specify multiple ones using a , between them. i.e #bitcoin, #electrum, #coinbase
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TheTrollBox Chrome Extensions

Hello reddit !
I want to introduce a new company named TheTrollBox.
TheTrollBox is a small web development company that specializes in crypto currency applications\extensions.
Our first line of products are 15 Live Chrome Extension Tickers that presents the price of a given coin in real time.
We cover most of the popular exchanges (MtGox, BTC-e, Bitstamp, BTCChina, OkCoin, FXBTC, BitcoinAverage) and most of the popular coins (BTC, LTC, PPC, NMC, NVC, FTC, XPM).
More over, we can present the value of the coin in lots of FIAT currencies (USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, NZD, PLN, RUB, SGD, JPY, THB, NOK, CZK).
Stop with the F5, and free yourself to other tasks while receiving live updates about changes in the value of your coins.
Our projects source code are still not public but will be uploaded to github as an open source project in the near future.
For the meanwhile I argue all the sceptic and non believers (AND YES, I KNOW REDDIT GIVES NEW USERS A HARD TIME) to download our source code from the Chrome Store and check them manually, it can be easily done as explained here:
Our Extensions:
Bitstamp BTC:
BitcoinAverage BTC:
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Setting a live webpage as a desktop background in osx

I would like to set a live webpage as a desktop background on my late 2012 iMac.
I think you can do this quite easily in windoze using 'active wallpapers' but I'm struggling with my google-fu to find an osx way...
This is the page I would like to set: it is a live ticker of BTC price in euros from the MtGox exchange.
Anyone got any suggestions?
I have investigated (but not bought and tried) as the reviews in App Store mentioned that it was OK for static pages, which would not suit my needs...
Also, I know that you can make a webpage in dashboard, but this reloads everytime you switch to it, and also, if I make my webpage max size, then try to select it all in the dashboard 'trimmer' it never lets me select the whole page, which is kinda useless :/
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Bitcoin News and the MtGox Hack on BBC News Bitcoin Trading - Streaming Live Bitcoin prices through Exchange API MT GOX Moves More BTC - Bitcoin & Altcoin Chart Analysis & Chat LIVE MtGox Bitcoins to BTC e Bitcoins in 50 seconds - YouTube MTGOX en de grootste Bitcoin roof uit de geschiedenis + de gevolgen daarvan!

Bitcoin-Community ächtet MtGox-Chef. Nach dem Höchststand bei rund 1000 Euro im November hatte sich der Bitcoin-Kurs zum Jahreswechsel bei etwa 600 Euro eingepegelt. Seit Anfang Februar fiel der ... Bitcoin Ticker - Tick by tick, real time updates. All data is indicative. Options Last Updated: seconds : Time between graph updates : ms: Play sound on each trade . Round Bids/Asks to 0.500 . Animate Depth Movements . Highlight BTC bids/asks above : Alert if price falls below: Alert if price climbs above: Alert if price change +/- : Sound Alert . Desktop Alert . Show Personalized Content ... Bitcoincharts provides real-time USD price data of the Mt. Gox exchange including charts, orderbook and more. Der Bitcoin Kurs ist starken Schwankungen unterlegen, weil das Handelsvolumen zum Beispiel im Vergleich zu Gold oder Aktien noch sehr gering ist. Aktueller Bitcoin Kurs; Bitcoin Kursverlauf; Bitcoin Kurs Historie; Bitcoin Kurs Prognose; Der durchschnittliche Bitcoin Kurs beträgt aktuell 10.938,55 Euro 1 Std. -0,31 % 1 Tag: -0,86 % 7 Tage: 14,14 %. Tatsächlicher Kaufpreis (Kurs+Gebühren) bei ... Nach einem Hacker-Einbruch in eine Tauschbörse steht der "Bitcoin" unter Druck. An der angegriffenen Börse Mt. Gox stürzt die virtuelle Währung von 17 Dollar fast auf Null. An anderen ...

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Bitcoin News and the MtGox Hack on BBC News

MtGox Bitcoins to BTC e Bitcoins in 50 seconds BITCOIN PRICE , BITCOIN FUTURE in doubt What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork http... Approximately 10 hours of the MT.Gox order book recorded live, compressed to just under 4 minutes. Watch the price fluctuate around 497 just before punching through to 500+ around the 1:10 mark. De lo que se decida sobre los bitcoin en MtGox antes del 15 de octubre afectara o no el precio de bitcoin. Alternativa en DeFi OKEX: As Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies gain popularity, more and more people are curious about becoming a part of it. Many people start out curious about mining Bitcoins first, but then begin to ... Tesla Stock Q1 2020 Earnings LIVE Reaction [geniuses sub this channel] 155 watching Live now Morgan Spurlock attempts to breakdown how Bitcoin works - Duration: 1:08.