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At yesterday's senate meeting, Cavirtex's CEO Joseph David cut Bitaccess ATM at the knees and rightfully so! BitAccess should have had a demo Bitcoin ATM ready and tested with a premium set below 5%. The Canadian senators now have 'ammo' to propose consumer protection pricing rules.

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There's a new Bitcoin ATM in Thunder Bay, Ontario!

Hi everyone,
I'm here to announce a new Bitaccess BTM in Thunder Bay at Marnics Mobile, 910 Memorial Ave. You'll be able to find it on or this map of our other machines:
Like all our machines, this one is 2-way, letting customers buy or sell bitcoins on the spot with cash, as well as a number of alt coins. We charge a modest 6% for buying and 5% for selling bitcoins, our source for price data is
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Future of Bitcoin ATMs Market – A comprehensive study by Key Players: Hyosung, Coinsource ... (current BTC/USD price is $10,146.47)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Future of Bitcoin ATMs Market – A comprehensive study by Key Players: Hyosung, Coinsource ...
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The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools.
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What is the point of atms if they're going to shut down operations everytime the price goes down?

I'm in Toronto, I've had this problem several times. First time the price dropped below $400 CAD i went to buy Bitcoin at the Robocoin machine on Bloor street and it didn't work, once the price went up to $480-500 the machine was functioning again. Then I went yesterday when the price was still around $400 CAD and the machine stopped working again.
Then I went to Cavirtex atm at Yorkdale, my first time there, out of service. Called their number no support.
Such a terrible look.
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Canada: Crypto Exchanges Must Register With Financial Watchdog Next June

Canada: Crypto Exchanges Must Register With Financial Watchdog Next June
Cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada will be legally required to register with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FinTRAC) as of June 1, 2020, according to a notice published on July 10.
This requirement will come into effect along with other amendments to Canada’s new anti-money-laundering (AML) laws next year.
Crypto exchanges will also reportedly be required to observe Know Your Customer policies and report any suspicious transactions to the Canadian watchdog; this also includes keeping records of their clients and hiring a compliance officer for their platform.
A report by The Globe and Mail notes that up until now, compliance with these policies has been voluntary, but some exchanges have chosen to do so anyway.
The motivation for implementing the new policies is reportedly to get Canadian banks onboard and in cooperation with cryptocurrency exchanges.
According to Lori Stein, a partner at business law firm Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, Canadian financial institutions have historically been concerned about the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing via crypto exchanges. Stein said:
“The hope is that now that there is going to be a requirement to register and comply, and oversight by FinTRAC, that banks and other financial entities are going to be more open to providing services to and dealing with virtual-currency businesses.”
However, Stein points out that some international exchanges may not be willing to comply with the new Canadian rules. Some other experts reportedly agree, saying that having mandatory regulation requirements could result in cryptocurrency exchanges opting to exit from the Canadian marketplace.
The CEO of blockchain startup Bitaccess, Moe Adham, told The Globe and Mail, “I expect to see a number of firms relocate outside of Canada, as well as international firms limiting access to Canadians.”
The new regulatory policies may also drive crypto exchange customers away, some say. “This has the potential to drive cryptocurrency underground again," said Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare’s AML officer, Charlene Cieslik. Cieslik said that customers who do not want to reveal their information to exchanges, would likely just transact with each other directly.
As previously reported by Cointelegraph, a bill was signed in 2014 that required some foreign entities to register with FinTRAC for Bitcoin (BTC) payments.
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Major Cryptocurrencies Are Rallying This Morning As the Jump in Bitcoin’s Price Following the Maintenance Shutdown of BitMEX Sparks Further Concerns About Price Manipulation in Bitcoin Markets

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Bitcoin ATM Global Market Overview

Bitcoin ATM Global Market Overview
Bitcoin ATM Global Market Overview

The BitLicense aroused a big buzz when the a big ATM operator Coinsource announced its granting of BitLicnese, a virtual currency trading license for cryptocurrency trading service; As reported from Cointelegraph, it took 3 years to be granted since the first application to New York Financial Securities(NYFS).
This obviously indicates the advancing development of Bitcoin ATM industry since the first Bitcoin ATM came out in Vancouver, Canada on 29th October 2013.

Overall Global Data

After about 5 years development, bitcoin ATM industry sees increase in market capital and maturity.
Bearish Bitcoin price meet downturn though, Bitcoin ATM is growing continuously in installation, capital, distribution and the manufacturer.
The latest statistic from CoinatmRadar( the biggest bitcoin ATM data research institution) reported that there are 3949 bitcoin ATMs in total worldwide until Nov. 05, 2018. Although increasing speed declines with the sluggish bitcion market, we can still see 1849 ATMs increased with 89% growth rate from 2079 ATMs to 3927 in 2018. Now, the crypto ATMs installation speed rises to 6 machine per day. It’s estimated to reach a figure of $16.3 million of market capital in 2018

Industry:Continuous Increase in installation, profit, manufacturers

Distribution of bitcoin ATMs across Continents:

The wide awareness of bitcoin and cryptocurrency promote the bitcoin ATM adoption cross the world.
It’s no strange that North America and Europe share the large percentage since the economic and population provide the best environment for the use of bitcoin ATM by the majority.
A study conducted by MarketsandMarkets reported that the Bitcoin ATM market will see annual growth of 54% between 2018 to 2023, when the whole industry is forecast to reach $145 million.

Incredibly Increasing High Profit When Emerging Market’s Struggling

In bitcoin ATM, the profit is mainly from transaction fee with an average of 7%-10% both in buy side and sell side. It’s reported a bitcoin ATM machine comes with $10k to $30k transaction a month with the highest reaching to $100k. The average transaction is 130 times per machine per month. Coindesk even reported Lamassu's survey of $1,000–$3,000 each month earning which equates to annual earnings for ATM operators of between $12,000 and $36,000 per unit.

Increasing Bitcoin ATM Manufacrture:

The growing awareness of bitcoin also attracted many investors into Bitcoin ATM business. The biggest bitcoin ATM tracking Radar coinatmRadar reveals 42 typical bitcoin ATM manufacturers and 31 Bitcoin ATM service operators globally. DOBI ATM, as the biggest bitcoin ATM manufacuter in Chinawas also listed.
It’s a newly but of great potential to in digital currency payment solution.
It’s obviously seen from the market share below that Genesis Coin, General Bytes, Lamassu, BitAccess and Coinsource dominant the industry, though. Some newly manufacturer startups also see great potential.
DOBI ATM as highly potential newcomers is striving to provide everyone easy access to buy ans sell bitcoin in hardware solution and software development.
Supported by the a capital group , Currently there’s over 200 business-to-business operators worldwide and now is the biggest Bitcion ATM manufacurer in China


Seeing from the whole cryptocurrency industry chain, there are mining, digital currency exchange, crypto wallet, media and services field, token release company and payment field. Cryptocurrency exchange functions most important for its huge power in liquidity and profitability.
There’s no doubt the blockchain technology will overturn the whole world revelutionary after 10 year’s development since the release of Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.; And no one would suspect the financial role cryptocurrency is playing, especially in payment field.
Bitcoin ATM can both work as an alternative for exchange and payment solution for daily life. It surely see great market confidence.
DOBI ATM still holds that only project with practical solution in real world that survives at last.
Bitcoin ATM just helps the adoption of wide use of bitcoin in daily payment among the ordinary.
Let’s witness how the cryptocurrency and bitcoin ATM industry expand.
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$20 Flexepin; Where can I get the best rate?

EDIT: I went with Good price, cheap fees, easy
Looking at EZBTC (2.5% fee), myBTC and Coinsquare, anyone know where I can get the best rate for my tiny Canadian dollars. I currently have a $20 voucher.
I checked quickbt, who have a live quote, but the require a min of $50 and charge .001 in fees after that $20 would get about $12 in current pricing.
EDIT: MyBTC: Flexepin: 6.75% or $10 minimum, whichever is greater. So Im going to avoid them for now.
I am trying to find more info on what kid of rates and fees I would get before I dump the pin on a specific site, which would also be my choice of go-to site going forward. I am noticing that even with the drop in btc price to $2500 many sites are still selling at $3500
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July 2016 Expected Reward-Drop ETA

This is a tail-end scenario. How many mining operation and over all bitcoin 1.0 ecosystem companies will survive if the BTC price falls under / or up to double digits and continues to remain below 100 for next 18 Month after July 2016 block reward halving ?
Speculative Names of the survivors:
This is a speculative non exhaustive list. Addition and thoughts should be interesting .
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Delloite Toronto New BTM

I tried it out.. TWO way BitAccess BTM.
Price is good (QuadrigaCX +2%) but $100 Max with no KYC. Fairly cool KYC process where you take a photo of yourself with your license for larger transactions as discussed here:
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Alternative to Exchanges - Bitcoin Atms and my experience

I read all these storys about these bs exchanges and how people cant get bitcoin so this is my way of buying bitcoin its not the cheapest but it is instant and you can see each bitcoin atms fees very quickly and sort by cheapest.
Rockitbitcoin- Total joke you only find out you must fill out an application and then be reviewed after you wasted your time going to one of there crappy atms I wasnt approved after 5 days.
greenleaf-they require a text msg for 0-500 and then id scan for amount over that but within minute i received 1 confirmation.
coinflip-my fav no id for up to $100 then text msg for up to $500 and id scan over that and they where the cheapest at 6% at that time.They also go off of bitfinex price and update live price plus 6%.Also very fast confirmations.
Anyway here is a link to the site check it out and see if it helps you gain some precious.
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Investment Firm BiT Capital Commits $10m to Bitcoin ATM Startup

The BitAccess BTMs will also be the first to accept litecoin, the leading alternative cryptocurrency to bitcoin. The machines already work with multiple exchanges, ensuring optimal real-time price quotes for users.
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An Interview with Moe Adham, Co-founder of Bitaccess BTC Bullish Or Bearish?  What Happens To Bitcoin, If No Internet Access? Bitcoin News & BTC Price & Litecoin Analysis Bitcoin Price Picture Next Bitcoin price move in 3 to 5 hours! Possible BTC price pump or dump - TA

Live bitcoin price (up to the minute) with no ads and mobile-optimized in all currencies including USD, EUR, AUD, etc.! Sign up for our daily bitcoin newsletter, real-time bitcoin charts, & historical price data. Total number of BitAccess ATMs installed: 1105. About: Bitaccess is a Canadian Blockchain company based in Ottawa, that was founded in 2013 and funded by Y Combinator as an early manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs. Since their foundation in 2013, Bitaccess has improved through technical innovation and continuous development. Bitcoin & Popular ALT-coins. Military Grade Encryption. Securely Protecting Your Wallet. Global Access Bitcoin Operates Worldwide. Free Sign Up. No Cost to Get Started. Universal Compatibility. Accept Bitcoin from Any Wallet Provider. Name Price 24H (%) Bitcoin (BTC) $13,062.70. 0.63%: Ethereum (ETH) $406.15-0.42%: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $269.12-0.29%: Litecoin (LTC) $58.11. 1.67% “Paper money ... Bitcoin could continue doing what it has for most of its nascent existence, appreciating in price on the back of increasing adoption, but at a slower pace as we see it. The first-born crypto has ... You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. Bitaccess BTM. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.

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An Interview with Moe Adham, Co-founder of Bitaccess

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more! 0:41 Bitcoin Analysis 6:18 Fun Fact Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the rest of the market saw a crazy day after Tether takes a dip. In this live stream we go over bitcoin price analysis, litecoin charts, and some bitcoin news, including ... LED picture frame that shows the current Bitcoin price. If the price goes down, the color is red. If the price goes up, the color is green. An animation is shown when a new high price since start ... BitAccess - Bitcoin Teller Machines - Duration: 6:29. Cartouche 3,644 views. 6:29. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse & Coinbase Price Prediction and XRP Giveaway! Ripple 1,368 watching. Live now ... Bitcoin price has pushed up a pretty good bit which put us only hours away from red ring on a specific BTC chart. Guys have that chart up and pay attention as we approach and when cross red ring ...