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Instantly launch a VPS (KVM/RDP) @ Xitheon when your payment is confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain
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How To Set Up a Firewall Using FirewallD on CentOS 7

The majority of this definition is actually metadata. You will want to change the short name for the service within the tags. This is a human-readable name for your service. You should also add a description so that you have more information if you ever need to audit the service. The only configuration you need to make that actually affects the functionality of the service will likely be the port definition where you identify the port number and protocol you wish to open. This can be specified multiple times.
For our “example” service, imagine that we need to open up port 7777 for TCP and 8888 for UDP. By entering INSERT mode by pressing i , we can modify the existing data center in moldova definition with something like this:
  Example Service This is just an example service. It probably shouldn't be used on a real system.    
Press ESC , then enter :x to save and close the file.
Reload your firewall to get access to your new service:
sudo firewall-cmd --reload 
You can see that it is now among the list of available services:
firewall-cmd --get-services outputRH-Satellite-6 amanda-client amanda-k5-client bacula bacula-client bitcoin bitcoin-rpc bitcoin-testnet bitcoin-testnet-rpc ceph ceph-mon cfengine condor-collector ctdb dhcp dhcpv6 dhcpv6-client dns docker-registry dropbox-lansync elasticsearch example freeipa-ldap freeipa-ldaps freeipa-replication freeipa-trust ftp ganglia-client ganglia-master high-availability http https imap imaps ipp ipp-client ipsec iscsi-target kadmin kerberos kibana klogin kpasswd kshell ldap ldaps libvirt libvirt-tls managesieve mdns mosh mountd ms-wbt mssql mysql nfs nrpe ntp openvpn ovirt-imageio ovirt-storageconsole ovirt-vmconsole pmcd pmproxy pmwebapi pmwebapis pop3 pop3s postgresql privoxy proxy-dhcp ptp pulseaudio puppetmaster quassel radius rpc-bind rsh rsyncd samba samba-client sane sip sips smtp smtp-submission smtps snmp snmptrap spideroak-lansync squid ssh synergy syslog syslog-tls telnet tftp tftp-client tinc tor-socks transmission-client vdsm vnc-server wbem-https xmpp-bosh xmpp-client xmpp-local xmpp-server 
You can now use this service in your zones as you normally would.

Creating Your Own Zones

While the predefined zones will probably be more than enough for most users, it can be helpful to define your own zones that are more descriptive of their function server management in romania.
For instance, you might want to create a zone for your web server, called “publicweb”. However, you might want to have another zone configured for the DNS service you provide on your private network. You might want a zone called “privateDNS” for that.
When adding a zone, you must add it to the permanent firewall configuration. You can then reload to bring the configuration into your running session. For instance, we could create the two zones we discussed above by typing:
sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --new-zone=publicweb 
sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --new-zone=privateDNS
You can verify that these are present in your permanent configuration by typing:
sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --get-zones outputblock dmz drop external home internal privateDNS public publicweb trusted work 
As stated before, these won’t be available in the current instance of the firewall yet:
firewall-cmd --get-zones outputblock dmz drop external home internal public trusted work 
Reload the firewall to bring these new zones into the active configuration:
sudo firewall-cmd --reload 
firewall-cmd --get-zones outputblock dmz drop external home internal privateDNS public publicweb trusted work
Now, you can begin assigning the appropriate services and ports to your zones. It’s usually a good idea to adjust the web hosting in moldova active instance and then transfer those changes to the permanent configuration after testing. For instance, for the “publicweb” zone, you might want to add the SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS services:
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --add-service=ssh 
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --add-service=http sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --add-service=https sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --list-all outputpublicweb target: default icmp-block-inversion: no interfaces: sources: services: ssh http https ports: protocols: masquerade: no forward-ports: source-ports: icmp-blocks: rich rules:
Likewise, we can add the DNS service to our “privateDNS” zone:
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=privateDNS --add-service=dns 
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=privateDNS --list-all outputprivateDNS interfaces: sources: services: dns ports: masquerade: no forward-ports: icmp-blocks: rich rules:
We could then change iaas platform in romania our interfaces over to these new zones to test them out:
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --change-interface=eth0 
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=privateDNS --change-interface=eth1
At this point, you have the opportunity to test your configuration. If these values work for you, you will want to add the same rules to the permanent configuration. You can do that by re-applying the rules with the --permanent flag:
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --permanent --add-service=ssh 
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --permanent --add-service=http sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --permanent --add-service=https sudo firewall-cmd --zone=privateDNS --permanent --add-service=dns
After permanently applying these your rules, you can restart your hourly kvm vps in europe network and reload your firewall service:
sudo systemctl restart network 
sudo systemctl reload firewalld
Validate that the correct zones were assigned:
firewall-cmd --get-active-zones outputprivateDNS interfaces: eth1 publicweb interfaces: eth0 
And validate that the appropriate services are available for both of the zones:
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=publicweb --list-services outputhttp https ssh sudo firewall-cmd --zone=privateDNS --list-services outputdns 
You have successfully set up your dedicated server in romania! If you want to make one of these zones the default for other interfaces, remember to configure that behavior with the --set-default-zone= parameter:
sudo firewall-cmd --set-default-zone=publicweb 


You should now have a windows remote desktop fairly good understanding of how to administer the firewalld service on your CentOS system for day-to-day use.
The firewalld service allows you to configure reseller kvm vps program maintainable rules and rule-sets that take into consideration your network environment. It allows you to seamlessly transition between different firewall policies through the use of zones and gives administrators the ability to abstract the port management into more friendly service definitions. Acquiring a working knowledge of this system will allow you to take advantage of the kvm virtual server flexibility and power that this tool provides.
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To address concerns about my identity

Doubts about my identity seem to crop up, so I like to address all those once more. Hopefully in a comprehensive way.
First of all, to explain the situation from my article again, is my go-to service. Usually, 24h is plenty and suffices to timestamp everything.
But in this case, Core went quickly ahead with release information, which made the 24h window (due to fees) too small to conclusively prove ownership on the BTC chain.
But let's have a look in detail. This is the text that I wrote:
BitcoinABC does not check for duplicate inputs when processing a block, only when inserting a transaction into the mempool. This is dangerous as blocks can be generated with duplicate transactions and then sent through e.g. compact block missing transactions and avoid hitting the mempool, creating money out of thin air. awemany 
If you SHA256 this, it calculates to: 5c45a1ba957362a2ba97c9f8c48d4d59d4fa990945b7094a8d2a98c3a91ed9b6
Exhibit A: I timestamped that here:
Note that there is a timestamp when it entered their system, which is before anything else became public and which is:
17.9.2018, 14:54:19 CEST
It shows it in your local time zone in your browser, a fact that Peter Todd apparently tripped over as well:
Scroll down to "Submission to OriginStamp" at the end.
This timestamp is, however, just from their service and thus centralized. But if you think I faked that, that would mean that I must have hacked their service in time to do so. In the last few days. Furthermore, the window for this hack would be quite small, as there is also a later submission into the blockchain. So if you doubt this information alone, it would mean I'd had to hack the service in time (within a few hours window) just to claim this identity, leave no trace of all of this, face the risk of being called out by the true finder of the bug (who'd be different then) and write this long article ...
But there's more:
Exhibit B: For anyone who is a member of the BU slack, I posted a message that was the above hash (as I said in my medium article) and which is still sitting unedited on the slack as well, in the #general channel. There are likely several hundred members of this slack, and all of them who read it should have seen this message in time. I believe there are also (well-behaved) Core supporters in there. I would need to have hacked that service in an undetected way as well and fool or collude with all active members therein as well. That now creates a pretty big collusion, don't you think?
Exhibit C: Finally, let me close with this PGP signed message. I created a PGP key just to keep my identity separate, at least for a while, from my main pseudonym awemany. And in the email I send out to the developers, I have added myself as a recipient. Even though the message has not been signed (I didn't see any reason to do so at the time of release), my full key id is still in this message. And that is, as far as I know, a 128-bit hash for which it is practically impossible to find a preimage for. This explicit 'encrypt-to-self' is because I fucked up with PGP encryption in the past (because, as I say in my article, mistakes just happen) and I wanted to at least be able to read my own encrypted message later. I have created sitations for myself where I wasn't able to read my own encrypted emails. Yes, call me a crypto noob, say PEBKAC or whatever, it is exactly an example of why I am saying that I am not perfect but so is no one else!
Here is this message, which I am sure anyone owning the original disclosure email is happy for you to confirm that it is the same key id:
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 This messsage is signed by the beardnboobies GPG key that I created just in time for the vulnerability disclosure. In reality, I am awemany on reddit and elsewhere. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQGzBAEBCgAdFiEERGszUXtt2s3Wfkt1yydp8d93NcQFAlumBkAACgkQyydp8d93 NcQvegwAmcfqKSp/RZVE6HIyN9gbxa5oz2YFaaoeVCoQTsDZPX08zjBjp7jzMUGW izraVk+yOz8Yxdv7re8G+CBqnpgfpNvMoHPe75bgoyKzavTtukVSScDUHZ9Tu9D7 xQcfWnwZhsUjsTsxFD7B6PLAWzeh7cA3d0xUwrFJoa//hlOylnlC/76cbBspqSll ispvQgBcEM6NfKvmCTb9LItts2/QrXX891LK9I4vPC1WpOrXPA9lNnuuP8/S/ey9 O7iqwW+oCwGKLELQJE58hgwt7keQukrPEfwUtBXACW77gtk1dXaxRL5RqCkmMsMn rBMkTGmjDit+AVE/5oW+flds8/Hq+kQDXUZfaLbnOrleW50LTTi+etA/PPhHxe45 CUD7Jm8d2LbTIjFWsZT/Rq2Djsy3gBcHeKqFMRXEBI7WoFe431q38gVSyfvbCrPR R4AJsg2eGgysu0E/SZecHHULc4CU6RdLmCRrORRSv1T9tOyJcRpfwRlE4FnT9LTC /+5v9mXI =k2oE -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- 
And here is the public key which matches that key Id and which has likewise not been made public yet:
-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQGNBFufufgBDADJ3N5xocCOSyRrF42nvrujUZXRPnaq+X3E0GjNlCwuCFZELNE9 l950cR4l+sNFbjcvWtlCgAdHPAggED3ZeutTO3fAIClN+LOgnyEF4txjdG72j9L4 NnCVMfKhT2yc7JZQh3lS+GHFSBS8joLq09GxllTORvdawuW34yzV4rzFZZ3NfK+/ 8BtNAf+nXvtafugw4Nlln5LPvGna9bmh/74RlZTAJeV52a/WsucBQ7kVuWTAERMy N+DuvUIxh7gG9KbSQXsPQ+1ZleO9+nWJs4pgX3ro6ZRMYvN9jeJsDjx2uQoL77zM RwMKNis5ifxnkHmExOG01SQxz3j9tw1anC8dFi2zs9jlr+qjUofSUT0RctKNJlga BgDV1dsu8dg11xxo4slH93D5LqJJs3lg+RjxHeWE6Oxvpz4SQpU+sLT4T73xOh/d GDw4UmLMUgKjjlYexVhlNk6FUamAkpYzuTgN35AeUt1iGj9D9XAbbi0G3MjKYSX6 tPkBC5h7XIGDzGcAEQEAAbQuQmVhcmQnbidib29iaWVzIDxiZWFyZG5ib29iaWVz QHByb3Rvbm1haWwuY29tPokB1AQTAQoAPhYhBERrM1F7bdrN1n5LdcsnafHfdzXE BQJbn7n4AhsDBQkDwmcABQsJCAcCBhUKCQgLAgQWAgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEMsnafHf dzXEi0gMAL0StgXSH4mbHPeyj0pJOmzOpEsfm7S05EKoGnMzmB/ZfCxag9YvDSSQ Jz28jOmPIrnLLkuOFcf0BnSKmys2WbEpGm5SgRU0anSTiiaTy2RjPa8eC34F6X/q LjgJ6J4hvOoDkQAjOzfspayRjRmFewNzssMHn6JC2NWvP+8+nClsJA959E9rxJ5F xaPmPZ9g4AJFah/vpRXbv44JQGbjr42CdB2JUTYW3rd7WjYFdcGcPU0UQhRQSflL 2ZOCw8bJCdPRRXpy2xTewTPE4eVcrclvmbKDhDbDNkY9cqDSPqag2JG8GoPsl3Ym 33uwzN1Y5qkocfGoVxr3eEEFQgkPnqX27OyGAL1+MoEOYuLuhUaNX2E/WmPZwtU3 E5JdjdIRfVfzI+oWs6Mfn1mbxeePBikjHgNgr4vs2+DkujeenS8UsD5Y6qrk9Ypt Erh5GRT0BauSSV52U3mEboMyxRHriObFT+BQAK0cJ4ZZ9aAUVLZcC4TXps2PKcjZ ozJYgvFm1rkBjQRbn7n4AQwAx7JiWJSuwAidK0AcPS2kt5gpzsESgxq1qyoeELYg tNb6G2SihbFj4hVMjc8Ol+a0wtcd+3D7Wcyu5EDbfnIydfmytIvF6CABWCkKtulG lxKSydMg16QGMwWixqTLRo1FoCdAzvKJktTshIlARoRt1cII/5n0C+Ny33kdm809 c+5EPFW22Hu5cNZR6xjYkONoM+Gw9JVIo5O9DY1l2s7qaQhnnTQDMBJLZjtOVFZF l/QQjnM5SJZr7lkzNMOgdA3saCbjk7NVMnV8ledLHYZguR3lDfsfdwWvw9Q3tEp9 Ii5P3AHzzV7eu0g6T7xpjV4LNssP1abvrBBd/RFfA6A3ec9wXEWTk2ewXpZLkicm 9VBy3nsz5bedoAvcyTVB0HF80yHbo99eSwEUenlrs0K0Yv97hxJ2ioPrhx4y7M9Q XRWRXFRaLBgLT5GxvIs9jRWJq7jwtKknA7GSun06UFKnOmiT81dmVf4Dne1F9y/R U7ld9Doo7IARUYP11/twEh5HABEBAAGJAbwEGAEKACYWIQREazNRe23azdZ+S3XL J2nx33c1xAUCW5+5+AIbDAUJA8JnAAAKCRDLJ2nx33c1xMiGDACbqHLuXMZ2937O aDfuchIYJ7BoqLiY+Po0V78jenYcx4pXXnau2rL44f02B6nV5RK21b+PwFDX+SMh usQfAYdBBRxIb0uDePKx2/Vb0UC5yb456eprYBXOIN7odl0J68PpjUQik5kqizig n/vyrIMMQehnFFee88xdSUYK495I6URJtIp6YLCYoalFs49l3szLJZK57OcCmfsR gzQbBIsPqQ7uqKZlGYZY9a/PYEZd3Lb6qLF693jZyNjDZ8IIfBjvJa3ZwJiTtNXi NknfmW2KcokFljOa5Fvs6Gu11Q9KpbVRpkKeHF79TSN5lPSwvBjsBbx9j4KoFBum yNNQTclRMe+AWHfcnoIXooFemiv27n6HEwoFEyoKm3ita1V+RiDuZ1e3FEA4zUPO XlZv6e7p+Cd0coP4FDWR5mq1ck+SOFoFuqNrqpEIumrHEC4wKcIA7iy/jJ5frgab UjEcFa/MBAaZ7If9+3kHh2kpfPwLOT+7Mm7i9kD1Yu3UBvwoYOE= =DyTh -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- 
I am not going to disclose the original email just yet, because there is exploit code in there. Even though I think that exploit code is quite simple and will likely not do harm, there is no reason to add more risk and this could also still be used against me by trolls by being called irresponsible. So I hope folks understand why I refrain from that for now.
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Run a Bitcoin Full Node for $50 a year

If you support bitcoin then you should run a full node to show your support for Core. While we can always run one on our home PC, many people prefer to run them on a VPS for the security, uptime, or bandwidth restrictions
Here are 3 options to run a full node on a VPS. Both companies take bitcoin as payment. While there are plenty of other VPS hosting companies out there, and I do not have any affiliation with these specific ones, they do seem to offer the best bang for the buck for running a full node.
1) Treudler - Do not use. They do not allow Bitcoin Nodes and did not specify in their TOS. They kill the bitcoind process immediately.
2) LetBox - $50 annually
With 300gb of space, you can run the full chain without pruning and still have a while to run before requiring to upgrade the hard drive. At $50 a year, its not a bad deal. Located in USA.
3) WootHosting - $18 annually
While 150gb will run a full chain node (barely), this VPS is cheap for the space and RAM you get. Run a pruned node and have room for OpenVPN and Nextcloud, all at $18 a year.
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KVM SSD VPS in Europe

KVM SSD VPS in Europe
About Us: MivoCloud is the first IaaS Provider in Moldova. We created a simple Cloud Platform in Europe to bring new solutions and services for the contemporary market needs. Pay per hour Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Shared Hosting and Managed Services. All members in our team are perfectionists and we are working hard every day to be better and better. We have our own Data Centers in Europe and we host the biggest online shops from Moldova. Also we continuously extend our business worldwide. Features:
Payment Methods:
Contact Us:
Speed Test
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KVM VPS in US West (Oregon)

KVM VPS in US West (Oregon)
About Us: MivoCloud is the first IaaS Provider in Moldova. We created a simple Cloud Platform in Europe to bring new solutions and services for the contemporary market needs. Pay per hour Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Shared Hosting and Managed Services. All members in our team are perfectionists and we are working hard every day to be better and better. We have our own Data Centers in Europe and we host the biggest online shops from Moldova. Also we continuously extend our business worldwide. Features:
Payment Methods:
Contact Us:
Speed Test
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Help With VPS

Hi everyone, so iv found a vps provider that's not based in any 5eye countries accepts bitcoin and allows non-exit tor relay's so im gonna assume that it also allows hidden services. it also offers a linux turnkey - nginx php OS, can this be used for hidden services or would I be better off starting with a bare bones debian OS. and does it matter whether it is kvm or open -vz ? nothing illegal just politically incorrect . EDIT (using lighttpd) is it wrong if I can connect to the hidden server from my ip address and hostname ?
thanks heaps
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Run a Bitcoin Full Node for $50 a year

The following post by djyoungcity is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link:
reddit: /Bitcoin/comments/6yopwt
The original post's content was as follows:
If you support bitcoin then you should run a full node to show your support for Core (or Bcash or 2x). While we can always run one on our home PC, many people prefer to run them on a VPS for the security and uptime.
Here are 2 options to run a full node on a VPS. Both companies take bitcoin as payment. While there are plenty of other VPS hosting companies out there, and I do not have any affiliation with these specific ones, they do seem to offer the best bang for the buck for running a full node.
1) LetBox - $50 annually
With 300gb of space, you can run the full chain without pruning and still have a while to run before requiring to upgrade the hard drive. At $50 a year, its the best deal I could find with enough space for the entire chain at at least 2GB of ram.
  • 2048MB Dedicated RAM
  • 1x Core @ 3.20+ GHz
  • 300 GB Dedicated HDD space (Raid10 SAS)
  • Free 5 Minutes Server Monitoring + Blacklist (Email and SMS alert)
  • Free SMS Unpaid invoice Alert
  • 3TB/Month @ 1 Gbps burstable
  • 1x IPv4
  • 20Gbps DDoS-Shield Mitigation
  • KVM/Promox
2) WootHosting - $18 annually
While 150gb will run a full chain node (barely), this VPS is cheap for the space and RAM you get. Run a pruned node and have room for OpenVPN and Nextcloud, all at $18 a year.
  • OpenVZ VPS Special 2GB
  • 4 CPU Core Allocations
  • 2048MB Dedicated RAM
  • 2048MB vSwap
  • 150GB Secured Disk Space (Wow!)
  • 3000GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • 1000Mbps Port Speed
  • Instantly Setup
  • Today only - you get to choose your location! Deploy in Los Angeles, Miami, or New York. No price difference!
  • NEW FEATURE: Advanced DDoS Protection Included!
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Recommendations for anonymously paid VPS?

I have been toying with an idea of setting up a privacy-oriented VPS for friends. No logging of IPs. OpenVPN / bittorrent allowed. Xen/KVM.
Any tips for a cheap (LEB-level, around 10 USD) VPS provider that allows anonymous payments and OpenVPN/bittorrent?
Any tips on paying anonymously? Is bitcoin the only way? Where should I buy my bitcoins to stay anonymous?
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VPS provider that allows TOR (relay, exit, or both)?

I'm looking for a VPS provider that allows TOR (relay, exit, or both). It would also be helpful if they were KVM instead of OpenVZ, and accepted Bitcoin.
It seems this question was asked before, but met with some sarcastic responses. I'm not interested in doing anything illegal, I just want to help the TOR network.
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[FOR HIRE] Linux System Administrator

Hello reddit :)
Ready to work with big ,high load projects, or, with small one
Have an experience with :
and another IT stuff like a (nginx, apache2, mysql, php5/7, ioncube, SSL certificates, KVM, Bitcoin Core, brainflayer, truecrypt, ejabberd, tinc vpn, OpenVPN) etc etc
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A VPS and Dedicated server company offering Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Hi everyone. offers different VPS platforms such as XEN, KVM and OpenVZ with Linux & Windows operating systems, and fully customised Dedicated servers with great features such as IPV6, Gbit ports, Managed services, free incoming bandwidth, reverse dns, great SLA, and much more! simply no contracts or setup fees.
You can pay using Bitcoin for any of our services.
Feel free to check our website, and let us know if you ever need anything via our livechat or email addresses, or you can call us on the number displayed on the website.
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Dedicated Servers! VPSes! Bitcoin !!!

Hey Fellow Bitcoiners and Reddit ! CrownCloud now accepts Bitcoins for our dedicated servers and VPSes ! We offer both OpenVZ and KVM based VPSes.
We have a small promo to kick things off, Intel Atom D525 4 GB RAM 500 GB x 2 HDD In Frankfurt, Germany For $27/month (will be converted to BTC at the time of checkout!) We've got only 2 of these for now, email us or drop by our IRC (#CrownCloud on freenode) or PM me here to grab that !
and a KVM VPS promo, 2 GB HDD 256 MB RAM 200 GB Bandwidth/month $15/ YEAR ! (will be converted to BTC at the time of checkout!)
We accept payments for all our products directly via BitPay !
Do visit us at,
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I would like introduce our new hosting company where we provide Dedicated Servers, VPS and Shell accounts for Bitcoins, If you interested please check our offer on
Dedicated Servers :
Basic plan 100 $
Basic plan 40 $
Shell Account :
Basic plan 10 $
All servers is located in Poland.
If you have any question please ask and i will try reply as soon as possible.
Best Regards.
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Is this a Bitcoin CSS miner?

I found this code in my styles.css sheet.
/* bitcoin / .bitcoin_box { margin:5px; display:inline-block; vertical-align:middle; width:auto; border:1px #C5C5C5 solid; padding:8px; font-size:16px; padding-bottom:7px; background: #ffffff; / Old browsers / background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #ffffff 0%, #f6f6f6 47%, #ededed 100%); / FF3.6+ / background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,#ffffff), color-stop(47%,#f6f6f6), color-stop(100%,#ededed)); / Chrome,Safari4+ / background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #ffffff 0%,#f6f6f6 47%,#ededed 100%); / Chrome10+,Safari5.1+ / background: -o-linear-gradient(top, #ffffff 0%,#f6f6f6 47%,#ededed 100%); / Opera 11.10+ / background: -ms-linear-gradient(top, #ffffff 0%,#f6f6f6 47%,#ededed 100%); / IE10+ / background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #ffffff 0%,#f6f6f6 47%,#ededed 100%); / W3C / filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#ffffff', endColorstr='#ededed',GradientType=0 ); / IE6-9 */ opacity:0.75; } .bitcoin_box:hover { opacity:1; cursor:pointer; } .bitcoinimage { background-image: url(''); } .bitcoin16x16 { height:16px; width:16px; background-size:16px 16px; float:left; margin-top:1px; } .bitcoin32x32{ height:32px; width:32px; background-size:32px 32px; float:left; margin-top:1px; } .bitcoin64x64{ height:64px; width:64px; background-size:64px 64px; float:left; margin-top:1px; } .bitcoin_text { margin-left:5px; } .compact { padding:2px; padding-bottom:3px; line-height:15px; } .rounded_corner { -webkit-border-radius: 5px; -moz-border-radius: 5px; border-radius: 5px; } .bitcoin_textcompact { line-height:16px; margin-left:5px; font-size:12px; margin-right:2px; } .bitcoin_text32 { line-height:32px; margin-left:5px; } .bitcoin_text64 { line-height:64px; margin-left:10px; font-size:25px; } .bitcoin_pattern{ background:url( ) repeat; } .animate-spin{ -webkit-animation:spin 4s linear infinite; -moz-animation:spin 4s linear infinite; animation:spin 4s linear infinite; } @-moz-keyframes spin { 100% { -moz-transform: rotate(360deg); } } @-webkit-keyframes spin { 100% { -webkit-transform: rotate(360deg); } } @keyframes spin { 100% { -webkit-transform: rotate(360deg); transform:rotate(360deg); } }
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windows vps for mining

hi am new to bitcoin . i have a windows 2008 r2 VPS runs in SolusVM KVM Virtualization. spec is 700gb HDD,8Gb Ram,1gbps node,unmetered bandwidth, the problem is there is no graphics card .i tired the guiminer but its says no opencl devices and stuck at the same conneting stage
so is there any idea to mine bitcoin or any coin using VPS ???
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